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Don Haley Music

Don Haley - the "California Kidd"

Thank you for coming to my website!

In here, I hope you will gain a little understanding of my world - a world of many dreams and even more achievements. This website is dedicated to my parents, who were older yet very loving people, who saw a little boy one day, alone and needing a stable family life. My parents were very aware of social problems, especially concerning children with disabilities and I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Without that strong family support I surely would not be who I am today.

Don Haley, The California Kidd My biological mother had great foresight to understand that the greatest love she could give me was to give me A GREATER CHANCE IN LIFE! She was correct, and I have had a good life. My parents allowed me to try many different activities: boy scouts, football, baseball, swimming and so much more. Most of all, they encouraged my early love for music.

I hope this website may help those who are looking for inspiration or just curious as how a person with a disability like Cerebral Palsy made his way to having his music played on a radio station in Canada! (Thanks again to the Wolf 97FM). My desire is to attract producers and agents who see my talent and say "He's diffferent" - because I am! I am Don Haley the "California Kidd".

I am always interest in opinions and ideas, so feel free to contact me with your questions and advice or just to say "Hi". Networking brings people closer and hopefully my music can brighten up someone's day and maybe help me do what I love: performing and bringing for a moment, a little smile on your face!

"Don Haley's CD Looking Through The Window Through The Pain is an honest look at one man's fate. Whether the pain in our lives is best interpreted by the Blues, Rock, Jazz or Country, Don's unique country style gives us a true sense of his feelings"
- Martin Robert, Producer and engineeer on Looking Through The Window Through The Pain, 1998
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Don Haley, The California Kidd
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Don Haley Music Don Haley Music